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This is why we have designed each of our programs with a mindful approach. Our hope is to help our students become participants in their lives. To help them understand that where we focus our thoughts and our intentions is where our desires lie and that the present moment is where inspiration is given.


By getting clear about what we want in our lives and actively participating in it, gives us a better chance at success...


It is with this in mind that we develop our programs to help students become aware of what they want their lives to look like now and in the future. 


We at Meta-Mindful Connection know it is important the have vision for our dreams, and purpose for our ambitions. It is by those thoughts that we find the motivation to move forward and become better. Without vision we become lost in our actions and find it hard to hit our mark.


We want to be a place for students to come and gain inspiration for their lives and support for that journey.


In our classes we will thoughtfully prepare ourselves through journalling, planning, prioritizing, and executing to achieve our desired outcome. We will learn skills and tools in each of these areas, we will practice good habits like meditation, visualization and positive affirmation which will help us maintain balance and focus in our lives. 


By taking action in this way we hope that students become more confident, happy, and productive. We hope guardians feel supported by knowing their children are focused and establishing great habits for the years to come, and we hope educators are able to witness the results from students that get the extra help and support they need.

Stone Tower

We believe that the greatest success in life is to be happy. When one is happy they thrive in whatever they do. To achieve this goal, requires the balance of four states of being:


-The Mental


-The Physical


-The Spiritual


-The Emotional


We understand that bringing balance to these areas of life require support, love and understanding. It is our mission to create that awareness in ourselves and others so we all might thrive in the balance of life.

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