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Job Exploration and Work-Based Learning

Join our Career Exploration and Work Readiness Program (Free to Qualifying Individuals)

Service Description

This program is offered by Meta-Mindful Connection though the State of Utah, Department of Work Force Services. Meta-Mindful Connection has been contracted though USOR to offer Pre-Employment Transition Services at NO CHARGE to qualifying individuals. Pre-ETS are: - Job Exploration Counseling - Work Based Learning Exploration - Counseling on Post Secondary - Workplace Readiness - Instruction in Self Advocacy Meta-Mindful Connection has been given the opportunity to offer Job Exploration and Work Based Learning. Job Exploration Counseling is a personalized process that helps individuals identify potential career paths and job opportunities based on their skills, interests, values, and preferences. The program includes up to 5 hours of one-on-one counseling, along with independent research by the student. The goal is to guide individuals in making informed decisions about their career goals and developing a plan to achieve them. Areas covered include: - Self-Assessment - Career Information - Skill Development - Goal Setting - Job Search Strategies - Resume and Interview Preparation The pace of completion depends on the student's progress, with the outline serving as a guide. The Work-Based Learning component provides individuals with practical skills, knowledge, and insights within a professional work environment. This phase aims to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge gained in Job Exploration and real-world application in a workplace setting. Highlights: Duration: 4-10 weeks Weekly Commitment: 6-20 hours Compensation: PAID on-the-job experience Meta-Mindful Connection acts as a liaison between the student and the business, facilitating a meaningful work experience. Weekly interactions with the business and student focus on skill development and knowledge acquisition in the chosen field. The goal is for the student to leave this experience with a clearer understanding of their desired career path, enhanced confidence, and readiness for success in the professional world.

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