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Parent Release Program

Designed to give our students a chance to plan, catch-up, and execute.

Service Description

Parent release sessions are scheduled during the day and are synchronized with the students' A or B Day schedule. These sessions typically last 60-75 minutes and are billed on a monthly basis. During these sessions, students will receive guidance on how to effectively plan their day, prioritize tasks, and manage their lives with intention and focus. We utilize daily planners to establish balanced habits and goals, fostering a structured approach to success. Throughout the sessions, we engage in discussions on effective strategies for achieving academic success and provide support in executing these plans. While implementing these strategies, students also have the opportunity to work on other school material and receive assistance with any subject as needed. Additionally, students may have the option to earn credit for participating in these sessions. To learn more about this option, feel free to inquire with one of our consultants.

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